Green Plant

Round-Table Experience

Community Series


You have arrived here out of a desire to improve your life. We intend to provide you with the tools and experience to understand and expand your knowing-ness to continue your journey through life as the brilliant being you are designed naturally to embody.  

In order to assist you, we have created the Round-Table Experience as the pattern to unlock the YES, YES, & MORE expression of liberation.

You need only to look at your natural surroundings for inspiration: you live in a spiral galaxy, your planetary system is an interactivity of a circular rotation around a central star, and is observable in many plant designs. In other words, the design is a natural relationship of rhythm and harmony between the individual perspective and a community or round-table perspective.  

You may begin the adventure here in the Community Series where the more voices that interact, the better is the opportunity for growth. The blessing (lessons as many may refer to learning) will be designed around your needs as your needs will also be reflected by the needs of the group. You will gain insight through self honesty by examining your belief systems and the influences in your life such as culture, religion, education, and so forth which have influenced and molded you into the person you are today.  

It is this path of understanding, interacting, and exploration with many others on a common path that will open you up the fullness of your life; liberation from a constant stream of survival. It's time to get in your SHINE and thrive!  

A few things you can anticipate experiencing:

  • Deeper understanding of your beliefs

  • Seeing connections between beliefs and your life experience

  • Clarity on interconnection of thoughts, words, and feelings

  • Aligning emotions to reflect your desires

  • Balancing or neutral perspective

  • A return to a more joyous, happy, and peaceful life