Sprinkle of Sunshine

Hello! I am so excited that you are here!! I am the creator of SHINE and my name is Shannon Keesee. It is my intention to provide a platform for all those who want or need a little sunshine in their lives; a sprinkle of sunshine is like a dash of salt..it goes a long way :) Many amazing beautiful people have been my inspiration for developing a place where it is safe and welcoming to just be yourself, ask questions, and gain a broader perspective on events in life that are challenging to each of us. We all go through times of distress, doubt, depression, and discord: the dark night of the soul, the valley of the shadow of death, and hell on earth. I bet you have asked yourself many times why in the world am I here and will it always be this hard? Rumi said, "Don't get lost in your pain. Know that one day your pain will become your cure." I used to wonder what did this quote by this mystical spiritual man mean. Then one day it was as if the clouds parted and the sunshine came through...the aha moment! I could clearly understand his wisdom; when we have pain or discomfort we need to understand where it is coming from and how do we address the issue. For example, you get a splinter in your finger and it's very uncomfortable but you don't leave it there and focus on the pain nor do you take a pill to try and stop the pain...you get a pair of tweezers and pull it out. The feeling of discomfort is talking to you so you may resolve the issue :).

Everyday all day long we chose how we perceive, feel, and respond to everything we encounter. The mind creates the reality you experience and the mind is a collection of thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, past experiences, and desires. If your thoughts are focused on all the things that are wrong in your life, then that becomes your perception of life and you will drill this over and over again by the words you use to yourself and others on a daily basis. There is hope!

Now I am open to share with you, as I have others, the potential to shift the discomfort and pain into a blessing of opportunity to expand from the inside outward like the flowers bud becomes the bloom. For it is the self that serves as the doorway/portal/opening through the unique individualized awareness of perception we call life/consciousness; to thine own self be true is learning to know your own truth. In other words, how do you see/love/feel/understand the awareness of you as self in either living or surviving mode. It is precisely this awareness/truth/self honesty of where you are in your life that lays the foundation to new insight and your innate knowing-ness radiantly coming through providing a source of infinite potentials. It is truly a blessing to participate and serve with you in this capacity and to put a spot light on the wounds in your life to bring the gift of healing through the exploration of self honesty! Join in the journey of discovery and share with your friends the sprinkle of sunshine in your life :)

About Me

I was in my "twenty-somethings" and a single mom working for very little money but I could take my young son with me as I worked in the evenings which was worth the lower wages. Many times we would count pennies to rent a movie for the night. Literally, every penny counted! I wasn't unhappy as many would think. He and I had a blast with what I was able to provide. Kids love forts and as we would watch our rented movie under the dome of our castle made from blankets and a mattress from the bed, we were high on life. For both of us, these are very precious memories that still give us a laugh when we reminisce. We have never seen these experiences as being without.We simply chose to believe it was an opportunity to grow in our unique perspective and that has never changed about me since that time in my life!

I have come to know first hand the beauty that the unique personal perspective makes in the world that I encounter. For me it was making the choice to make lemonade from lemons and that was the blessings from my "twenty-somethings". It was my budding moment so to speak :). I had spent most of my life not liking the lesson of the lemons and not seeing the value of using the sour things in life to make it into a sweet treat. The big lemon in my life was me! My self honesty was hard to swallow and yes I puckered often :) Believe me...being comfortable with inner truth wasn't always welcome.

I had to come to terms with the truth that I had tried to hide, run away from, and ignore the most amazing thing about myself. I have been able to communicate with spirit since I was at least three years old. My earliest memory were of the "Goldilocks" people and they did shine and shimmer with the most glorious radiant golden light. As a young child, I spent a lot of time with what I understood later to be angels. The angels were giving me messages that were to be given to the world. I did try to explain but at a certain age in life, you begin to understand that not everyone can see heaven/spirit like you can and you have no one who can understand nor believe you. I learned to keep most of the messages inside and in dairies. I was an "odd-duck", the weird one, the outsider and most definitely not "normal"; this became my perception of myself as a teenager through the voice of others. I became reluctant to even acknowledge my gifts to myself because it tasted like lemons to me :) Until my son came into my life and reminded me to make lemonade!!! Since then, I have unfolded many self honest awakenings that have given me clarity of sight into the beauty that lies beneath the surface in each of us and that was a very powerful message from the angels; find the inner light and help assist others to bring theirs forward.