Path of Totality

Merging into Unity: The Eagle, The Condor, & The Eclipse

Today we are in for a real celestial treat with the solar eclipse and the great gathering to witness the event as it opens a path from the North to the South; the path of totality/wholeness.

People from all around the world will be able to view this as never before due to technology. So we are assembling a great gathering just as many of the Indigenous and Native American prophecies predicted. This morning, I am reminded of one I read a number of years ago called The Eagle and The Condor.

The legend tells of a time when the Eagle and the Condor will come together and unite and the spirit of Mother Earth will awaken her spiritually sleeping children (the dead in Christ) to usher in an age of Light or Christed Being-ness. In other words, a merging into the balance of wholeness/Holy-ness...totality.

As the metaphor goes....

The Eagle represents the North/masculine energy and the Condor the South/feminine energy. In another perspective, the North is the brain which is rational and material and the South is the heart and intuition. And in yet another perspective, a return of the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth/the New Jerusalem.

So today as you watch and are apart of the great gathering of humanity, what will be your perspective of the celestial event?

I would love to hear from you on your perspective and thoughts of the Solar Eclipse of 2017! Send me a message if you like and let me know.

Enjoy the view from where ever you are today!


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