“I guess you could say I've known Shannon casually for about five years. However, I only found out who she truly was last year. She came to me not knowing how I would respond with a message from my husband who had just passed away at the time. Shannon asked me about a teddy bear that day and this truly had me in shock. She described a teddy bear my husband had bought me and I had been sleeping with it every night since he passed. For a moment I was a bit scared. I was thinking this is crazy....how could she know this stuff. She explained that the teddy bear was confirmation that she was speaking with my husband. I felt instant relief and happiness. I felt my husband's presence around her. Shannon taught me if I open my heart to spirit so much more can be seen and felt. Thanks to her and her beautiful gifts I was saved in more ways than one. She helped me come back from a dark place I was traveling to and taught me I didn't want to set up camp there. In addition, she also helped me through the grieving process of letting go of him as a physical person and to feel him as the spirit that he is now. She has passed wonderful information down to me and I know she can help many others who are willing to open their hearts as well. I now see the beauty in all things that I wouldn't have ever been able to see before if it wasn't for Shannon and her beautiful white light!"

Kinsey Hineman


I don't know where to start first. Shannon is more than an amazing human being. She is the most positive person I've met in my life. She is an Angel in more than one way. I know without a doubt that I've known her in many lifetimes before this one but In this lifetime, I met Shannon 6 years ago. We worked together for a while. The instant I saw her, I knew deep inside that she was special. Her sparkling eyes full of light and love spoke to me. It was as if they were trying to tell me something. At that time, I was going through some personal problems and didn't open too much about my life. However, Shannon didn't need me to say much to her, she knew that something wasn't right. She tried to give me certain hints and advice but I resisted. Eventually, I opened up to her and she has helped me tremendously ever since. At first, I thought she was crazy. She would tell me things that I never thought were possible and I would resist continuously. I didn't know at the time that my perceptions about myself were crazy and not her. It took me a while to ease up and truly open up. She taught me so much about self love and accepting myself for who I am. She allowed me to see myself through her eyes. She showed me that I am a beautiful loving person and I deserve wonderful things. She showed me that we are all special. We are all part of God and no matter who we are, we are all one. We are all Love and we should spread the Love. Whenever I fell, she was right there to lift me up. Shannon has been beside me and has guided me for years. She is without a doubt a "Light Being" and is here to teach us all. Shannon's abilities to calm a person and guide them with so much love and compassion is not only admirable but pure divine. She has the ability to help you see yourself through her eyes. She will help so many people in transforming their lives by simply allowing them to see how special they are. Shannon is certainly an old soul and is not here by accident(not that I believe in accidents), she is here with a much higher purpose. She is here to spread the light and the love that all humanity needs in order to continue to survive on this earth. Shannon has changed my life. She will change yours too if you allow her. Open your heart. Trust your instincts and ask yourself if you're ready to feel the light and love in your heart. Shannon, thank you for all you have done for me. You are an amazing person and a blessing in my life. 

Entela Kalaj